Table of Contents

Table of Contents

History and Cultural Studies

American Historians

Collecting the World

Data Methods




Competing Lessons of Empire

20th Century Changes

Institutions of the 21st Century

Using the Past of the Past

The Hope of History


Early History

  1. Woodrow Wilson, Medievalist
  2. Medievalisms in Twentieth Century America
  3. The Balkan Wars
  4. End of the Ottoman Empire
  5. Medieval Texts in American Libraries
  6. Yugoslavia in World War II
  7. Medievalism Under Tito
  8. Western Medievalism, Eastern Texts

Yugoslavia Torn Apart

  1. The Power of Medievalism
  2. Serbia
  3. Bosnia
  4. Croatia
  5. Kosovo
  6. North Macedonia
  7. Neighbors
  8. Americans


  1. Europe's Digital Library
  2. Rebuilding Collections
  3. Diasporas
  4. Twenty First Century Identities
  5. Community Built Medievalism as Reconciliation
  6. Digital Techniques
  7. Pilot Project
  8. Reactions